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4 months ago
Keene A52S Mini Max Conversion

Mini Max Sluice box system utilize a 12-volt pump system. It also changes into a Gas powered High Banker and Dredge. This versatile package performs extremely well in all conditions. You can run in See more

Keene’s world-famous A52S does it all. Not only is it the best sluice box on the market today, it now converts into a Mini Max Sluice box system utilizing a …

2 years ago,Inc.

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โœ… Advertising & Marketing
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2 years ago
Rural School Teaching Facility with Water Reuse Technology – Allan Lear | Water4Use Blog

Water4Use, together with Transportable Shade Sheds Australia, developed a new way to bring a completely sustainable teaching facility to remote areas around the world.

Our filtration unit is used to See more

The idea is to use off grid solutions to power and sustain a modular teaching facility that can be easily deployed to remote areas who donโ€™t have access to education. It can be transported using a See more

2 years ago

2 years ago
Restore and Protect the Philippine Seas: Improving Sewer Waste Treatment and Management – Allan Lear | Water4Use Blog

The Philippine Seas, especially its coastal waters, is currently troubled with worsening conditions that stem from the domestic waste water that comes from the islands. Water4Use, an Australian See more

Water4Use, an Australian company founded by Allan Lear, is developing the Continuous Vacuum Filtration Machine (CVFM), an innovation that can bring back the pristine quality of the Philippine Seas by See more

2 years ago Philippines

Different Schools around the city showcase their talent at this innovational event. We at enjoyed being part of this fun and exciting experience! Let’s continue Empowering exceptional See more

3 years ago
Revolutionary Water Cleaning Technology | Water4Use Blog

Allan Lear, CEO for Water4Use and owner of Transportable Shade Sheds develops a groundbreaking, highly effective mobile water cleaning unit using the principles of renew, recycle and reuse that will See more

3 years ago
Inventor Allan Lear, Has Developed A Revolutionary Water Cleaning Innovation Thatโ€™s A Game Changer For The World!

Clean water is our most essential resource yet the global community is increasingly polluting our water resources that then become unsuitable for reuse unless recovered and suitably treated. Many See more