Water4use is focused on cleaning up dirty water in areas providing alternative solutions to septic tanks. Water4use also provide equipment for people to prospect and find precious metals with a low environmental impact cost.


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What is CVFM

“Continuous Vacuum Filtration Machine by Water4Use can make a great difference.”

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what is cVFM?

The Continuous Vacuum Filtration Machine or CVFM has a replaceable filter membrane that is used to filter liquids. The device is a hydrostatic filter membrane, where all parts in contact with media. It is created from a 7-year experimentation and development. This filtering system was designed to filter most of the contaminants and chemicals from wastewater or agricultural runoffs. It is made up of 4 layers of very thin sheets designed to filter chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, silts and oil.

How is the filter membrane made?

First, two rolls of membrane are joined by overlapping each other. The bottom layer is made up of reinforcing fabric containing woven paper micropores, ranging from 5 to 20 microns. It will then be overlapped with the third layer composed of flocculants. These promotes clumping of materials, which means that there is no formation of cakes since all the flocs are in suspension state.

The second layer is composed of either activated carbons, carbon nanotubes or nano silver, depending on the purpose or application. All germs, viruses and bacterial contamination are filtered and eliminated while passing through the filter membrane, regardless of wastewater sources.

Water4Use is working with nanotechnology, which has emerged as one of the top innovative technologies with great potential for treating wastewater in a more effective and efficient manner than methods that have been previously used.

Finally, the filter paper cloth layer is a semi-permeable barrier placed perpendicular to a liquid, used to separate fine substances from liquids.



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