Providing Gold Prospecting Equipment in the Philippines

Water4use is focused on cleaning up dirty water in areas providing alternative solutions to septic tanks in the Philippines. Water4use also is a Gold Prospecting Equipment supplier/provider in the Philippines to help people to prospect and find precious metals also in the Philippines with a low environmental impact cost.

The overall output productions of allĀ gold mining companiesĀ in the country averages at around 37.1 tons of gold each year. And based on some mining experts, they claim that there is an estimated amount of around 3.77 million ounces reserves. The most interesting fact is that, the country accounts for the 1.32 percent of gold production in the world market.

Aside from gold, Philippines is also rich in other mineral resources which includes: Iron or Iron Ore Iron; Alloys like Chromite, Nickel, Molybdenum, Manganese Ore, Cobalt; Base Metals such as Copper, Lead, Zinc, Mercury, Quicksilver, Cadmium; Light Metals such as Aluminium, Bauxite, Manganese; Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum; Rare Metals like Uranium.

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